Family Law


The Firms lawyers represent and advise individuals seeking to dissolve their marriage, establish custodial rights and obligations for a child when they were not married to the other parent, establish child, medical, or spousal support obligations, divide real and personal property, including pensions, retirement accounts, pre-martial, and gifted/inherited assets. We assist clients in need to modify or enforce previously entered decrees, including decrees entered in another State. We assist clients who are the victims of an abusive partner as well as defend those who are subject to false claims of abuse. We assist clients drafting pre-martial agreements which are enforceable and will provide for the orderly disposition of property in the event of a dissolution or death of the other party.

The Firm’s lawyers also represent and advise individuals seeking to start or add to their family through adoption. Whether it’s a simple step-parent adoption or a complex inter-state adoption, our lawyers will help you achieve your dream of starting or adding to your family. We provide compassionate, skilled assistance at every stage of the process from ensuring the biological parent parental rights are terminated through taking pictures of you and your family with the Judge after the adoption has been finalized.

Whatever your family law or adoption issue is, our lawyers assist clients at all stages, from drafting agreements, appearing at mediation, trial, and post-trial proceedings including matters appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in the law and skilled advocates who will assist you in marshalling the facts and evidence needed to obtain the result you seek. Let our lawyers roll up their sleeves and get to work for you.